Bereen Ondo

Experimental electronic music created with modular synths and other noisemaking devices. Debut album coming out in 2019.

Ano (2017, Ceremony Recordings)


Musta Huone

I play synths and create noise in a psychedelic shoegaze band called Musta Huone. ​We've put out some music and played around Finland.



Co-founded, co-produced and designed a mini festival of sorts, which took place in Rovaniemi on December 20 2018.  Focus on experimental and alternative music.

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I use Tachyons+ and BPMC gear, as well as old CRTs and VHS equipment to corrupt and manipulate video sources and create glitch art. Ask for commissions. Videos coming soon.

Video material I craft using Blender 3D modeling software and old cameras to capture obscure footage out in the woods. 

Music made mainly with the use of analog synths, field recordings and modular synths.

I also build audio equipment (mainly from old PCBs and build guides) like harmonizer and delay boxes as well as eurorack modules (Also on commission occasionally, ask for more). 

Album cover design 2012–

Albert Swarm

Melancholic electronic music with the occasional vocals here and there. Noted by Resident Advisor, Interview Magazine, XLR8R, The Fader, Potholes in my Blog, The 405, Ja Ja Ja Music and Impose Magazine to name a few.

The Cage (2014, Ceremony recordings)

Wake (2012, Ceremony recordings)

Held (2011, Ceremony recordings)

Sound installation for Brilliant! exhibition at National Museum of Finland (2015–2016).

Quadraphonic 20-minute installation. I recorded goldsmiths at work and compiled those sounds with various recordings of water, in order to match the soundscape with the visuals of photographer Susanna Majuri's works.