18.9.2015 – 1.2.2016

The National Museum

Organised by The Finnish Goldsmith Association

25 minute long quadraphonic sound installation to accompany the

jewelry exhibition and photography by Susanna Majuri. 

Field recordings recorded at workspaces of goldsmiths blended with field and hydrophonic recordings of water and streams. Processed through various VST and eurorack effects, blended with Zynaptiq Morph, mixed on Ableton.



Hiljaisuus-Festivaali, Kaukonen

by Bereen Ondo & Hisshet

10 hour long improvised live performance which took place at Timo K. Mukka barn. The performance utilized the barn itself and the audience with the use of microphones and contact mics. The instrumentation consisted of various percussion, keyboard, electronic guitar, guitar pedals and modular synthesizers.



Musta Kissa and Culture House Wiljami, Rovaniemi

I am one of the organizers of a new experimental mini festival, Konto-klubi in Rovaniemi.


The idea of the festival is to bring together likeminded artists, who operate in experimental electronic music as well as other marginal genres. The first festival featured 12 artists at 3 different venues.

Debut album

Spring 2019

by Bereen Ondo

Debut album will be released in spring 2019. The album was recorded and produced by me, with additional instruments (clarinet, saxophone, violin) performed by Vesa Hoikka. The album will be released by Sitrus Tapes.